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Mattress Delivery Info

How will my mattress ship?

WILL My Mattress Ship By UPS?

Your mattress or Mattress Set cannot be shipped via UPS/FEDEX as it is a very large and heavy parcel and UPS/FEDEX only ship smaller boxes. I wish we could ship it UPS/FEDEX.

Will I need Help Bring My Mattress Indoors?

Yes. Our Mattresses are large and heavy and you will need two strong people to handle taking the mattress off of the truck and then indoors. The driver might help, but he is under no obligation.

What Kind Of Truck Will Bring My Mattress?

We have to ship your Mostly Natural Mattress via a freight company. That means that a freight company that delivers to your neighborhood will bring it on their truck. This truck will probably have a dock height doorway which can be four feet or so off the ground.

How Will My Mattress Be Packaged?

The mattress will come in a heavy duty cardboard box, and/or furniture grade layered plastic.

Will The Driver Dispose OF My Packaging Waste?

The driver will not take the cardboard or the plastic your mattress comes in, that is your responsibility.

How Heavy Is The Mattress?

The mattress, box and plastic can weigh between 60 and 170 pounds depending on the model, so it is a two person job to bring it into your home.

Will The Driver Take The Mattress Into My Home?

No. The driver is under no obligation to anything but get the mattress to your home, not in your home. In fact, the drivers only obligation will be to get your mattress to the tailgate of his truck. After that, it is up to you.

Can I order a white glove do everything service for my mattress?

This service is expensive, and usually adds time to the overall delivery schedule. White Glove Delivery could be an option for some locations. Please call us at 740-593-5000 if you need special inside delivery.

Shipping Information:

Deliveries are generally performed Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding holidays. Buyer generally will receive a courtesy call from the carrier to schedule a four hour or so window for delivery. Buyers signature is required.

This delivery service does NOT provide:
  • Inside placement-You will need two people to take it from the truck tailgate.

  • This delivery service does NOT provide: Assembly.

  • This delivery service does NOT provide: Unpacking.

  • This delivery service does NOT provide: Packaging removal which can include cardboard, plastic, etc.

  • This delivery service does NOT provide: Removal of old mattress.